After graduating in 1979 with a Bachelors of Arts Degree from the Journalism, Broadcast and Speech Department at State University College at Buffalo, Joe Maulucci, started his career at Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment Company in his home town of Buffalo, New York. WASEC was located in a small playback facility on the WIVB property on Elmwood Avenue. Playing back the national feeds for “The Movie Channel” and “Nickelodeon”, Joe took his first steps as a Master Control Operator, calibrating two inch quad tape for playback, basic switching and taking HPA readings.

Returning to his studies in 1980, Joe graduated from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University with a Masters of Science Degree in Television Production and Management. Upon graduation, he contacted his former WASEC boss who informed him that the company was moving everyone to a new facility in Long Island, to start a new network called Music Television and offered to move him to Long Island to join them.

For Joe, it was an exciting time to be at the beginning of a new facility and the birth of the music video revolution and MTV. The building was still under construction as Joe worked in the interstitial department, adding chyron to music videos, transferring videos to two inch cart format, and making break reels for various networks. It was great to learn new playback systems, like one inch tape machines outfitted with prototype Dolby Noise Reduction audio cards, Grass Valley Switchers (programming MEs) and working with Chyron Graphic Systems. After just a couple years, Joe was promoted to supervisor of the department, working with a 24/7 staff and coordinating business with the New York City Offices.

In 1987, Joe returned to Buffalo where he began a 16 year stint with Adelphia Cable Communications. Graduating from Master Control to Production, Joe took upon the challenges of not only Commercial Supervisor, but every aspect of production. Crewing different studio and remote production positions, directing, writing, editing local commercials, engineering and IT support, to designing the station’s graphic look and producing IDs and topicals. He was involved with the early days of the Empire Sports Network, creating support elements on his Video Toaster at home, as Adephia worked on budgeting equipment and building a new facility for the new regional sports network. It was an interesting time working with different video systems, and solving the various cross platform issues as the company move toward the digital age.

2004, Joe moved to Rochester, NY to a new facility that was under way at Time Warner Cable Media Sales. As a commercial producer and director, the focus was strictly creating ads for the Central New York Region. It was time to take up the challenge of learning MAC based Avid Editors, understand CODECS, and working with digital delivery systems as the company moved away from tape formats.

“It was great working with various advertising agencies and walking clients through the process of making their first commercial”, Joe recalls, “or busting out the Jimmy-Jib for that perfect shot. Supporting the staff with solving digital challenges, system crashes, and lending my voice for a quick turn around spot was not only appreciated by my peers, but by management as well.”

Joe, once again headed back to Buffalo in 2011 to begin a new chapter in his career. Coming around full circle to work for yet another startup company and a new local TV Station, WBBZ-TV (then WNGS-TV). Joe was initially brought on to bring up the quality and accuracy of the station’s playback facility. With his extensive background, his position evolved into a highbred of master control, engineering, traffic and production. Joe works on a multitude of fronts to insure the station’s success as Creative Director. His creative efforts can be seen in print ads, banners, station IDs, topicals, station graphics, virtual sets, commercials, and station productions. As part of the on-call team, Joe solves technical and programming issues at the office and remotely at home. It is an exciting time of personal growth and possibilities.