Bear Bones Books is a book-publishing imprint through Lethe Press.  The logo concept was originated from a rough drawing of the client’s. The work was done in Photoshop. Final version was then also made into black and white, masthead version for client’s website and banner ad version.

A13 was the community station for Adelphia Cable in Buffalo, NY.  The vision was to build a brand that built on the parent logo image,

seen with the use of the Adelphia “A” and move the channel away from the cable-access stigma.  So A13 was introduced as the station’s call letters.  New Station IDs, promos, bumpers, show opens … all helped to introduce the new image.  Work was done with Photoshop, VideoToaster (including Lightwave) on an Amiga and DPS Velocity NLE.

The flagship program was “Crossroads” – a news magazine call in show that featured video reports from around the community and in studio interviews and phone interviews and caller questions.

Crossroads "911 Coverage"
Crossroads “911 Coverage”

Crossroads went live with extended coverage during the 911 attacks.

The logo was conceived by the show’s producer and I did the design work in Photoshop and elements for the  show.

And you can find my graphic work in the web sites I design and host like this banner ad which updates itself.

Here is a design for WBBZ-TV in Buffalo. This is the signage for their studio.